Tech Tree system to complement Schematics

Add a new Tech Tree system where one can "research" Industry recipes at a slow pace, in background, similar to how the Talents system works, where you have to first research all required components of that item to then research that item (similar to how some Talents require on other Talents).

After researching that specific recipe (and all its components), the player would be able to use their Nanopack to actually craft the Schematic for that item, with the limitation that they MUST use their Nanopacks (so Schematics can't be created in automated ways with Industry) to do it and also have some component where the Schematic will be "written", like a Silicon Wafer.

With this implemented, players would not depend on bots to get Schematics, as they would be able to research and produce these themselves at a slow pace or, for those looking for a quick option, buying them at markets from other players.

Under consideration Suggested by: Wolfe Upvoted: 15 Sep, '21