A function to delete individual keys from a databank

Currently, the only way to remove a key is by wiping the whole databank with the clear() function. This makes the getKeys function of only marginal utility, as you cannot guarantee that any of those keys have data without retrieving them and checking, which has a delay and can cause lag.
This lack of functionality also removes some database management methods, as creating a unique key for each entry in a databank will cause it to inevitably overflow without downloading each entry, clearing the databank, and writing the valid ones back to it.
Adding a function like removeKey("keyName") would help increase the efficiency of many scripts that currently have to use inconvenient workarounds. This would also help reduce server load, as one call, getKeys, could then be used once by a script to check what valid data is present on the databank, rather than a multitude of calls to check every key when such a thing is needed.

Under consideration Suggested by: Agriope Upvoted: 10 Dec, '21