Industry for fully repairing elements.

Now that elements have a fixed number of times they can be repaired after being disabled, salvaging wrecked ships has little value, since most elements will have a low number of remaining repairs.

In order to rebalance this, a new type of industry element could be added, that allows restoring the repair ability of elements. For example, an engine with only 1 repair left, could be transformed into an engine with 4 repairs, with extra input ingredients and time required for the repair. The total cost would be much higher than a usual scrap repair, and require the correct industry schematics, but still be cheaper than creating the new element from scratch. Elements with 0 remaining repairs could not be repaired this way.

This also adds a new type of industry for players to specialize in, and new economic activity.

Under consideration Suggested by: sharperguy Upvoted: 01 Nov, '21

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