Blueprint Display Element (like the .obj file viewer)

It is an element like the .obj file viewer, but it's all in game and displays the blueprint construct without needing materials.

An element (multiple sizes xs for xs core BPs, s for s core BPs ) that can go on any construct.

Load blueprints into it (I would like to see it be able to display more than one, but single is ok)
The element then displays the construct directly behind and above it as if it were a projector.
Ideally this display would be fully real like a show room model, so that characters would be able to walk though buildings and ships, but completely non-functional and non-movable (this would also prevent using it as a guide to make copies), but even just a "solid" hologram of the blueprint would work, if it blocked voxel building in the area to prevent copying.
There should be 3 buttons on it, forward and backward to cycle through BPs manually, and pause/play that starts/stops cycling though all loaded BPs on a 2 minuet cycle.

Under consideration Suggested by: GrimMist Upvoted: 14 May, '21

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