Elements for Capital ships

Add new elements to improve the gameplay niche for larger ships, such as the following:
-XL atmospheric engines
-S-L Capital Engines- engines larger than XL, more expensive to build than xxl would be following the pattern of other sizes, high damage resistance values
-Capital Warp Drive- much larger version of warp drive, lower speed, much higher upfront cost, lower warp cell usage per unit of mass
-Structural/spinal weapons- large, non rotating weapons that are made to be integrated into a ship’s structure, must be aimed by the pilot, not turret shaped
-Artificial window- A screen element and a camera element that when linked, shows the camera’s view on the screen, allowing you to see outside from an enclosed bridge, or to monitor other parts of the ship from a control room.
Any of these would be a welcome addition.

Under consideration Suggested by: Refresh4 Upvoted: 01 Nov, '21

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