Add Liquid Storage Tanks (like fuel tanks) for improved Hydrogen and Oxygen storage

Add a Liquid Storage Tank element which behaves like a fuel tank, allowing only one content product to be contained at a time. A LST can store only either Oxygen or Hydrogen, and only one or the other at a time (think of the Space fuel varieties).

Allow the storage quantity to be much higher (perhaps with a talent for compression ratio) for these products. Perhaps comparable to 5 L Containers.

Allow these tanks to link to Transfer Units.

Allow these tanks to be used as input links for Industrial elements.

Since Oxygen and Hydrogen are such prolific byproducts, this would allow a more efficient storage solution rather than a dedicated 10 L Container + Hub for each, which take up an absurd amount of space on a construct. This would also encourage special ship designs for moving Oxygen and Hydrogen. As additional fluff, it would be really cool if they explode when destroyed since they're under high pressure.

Under consideration Suggested by: Stephanator Upvoted: 01 Nov, '21

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