Alien Artifacts, Anomolous Objects, and other PVP objectives

Implementing strange objects (similar to Monoliths or Space Wrecks) as objectives for organizations to fight and PVP over, both in Space and on Planetary Bodies.

These objects would benefits to an organization when inside of a claimed territory, and need to be discovered and/or unearthed not unlike the space wrecks and monoliths from the thoramine hunt. From there the org must work together to gather materials to reactivate the Artifact/Object to gain its benefit. Possibly having to be linked to a container to activate the recipe that powers up the object.

Possible Examples:

Alien Mining Device: Generates more ore than an ordinary auto mining device (once implemented) or generates higher tier ore than normal.

Alien Research Facility: Grants an organization-wide boost to specific talent or subset of talents. Or alternatively a boost to certain types of industries placed on a Core which can be linked to.

Anomalous Industry: Gives the org the ability to make a special item recipe.

Under consideration Suggested by: Talisia Upvoted: 01 Aug, '21