Ship Refuel Module/Transfer Module

Along a similar to the suggestion of "fuel tank link/hub" but more like the transfer unit to allow the transfer of fuel from multiple containers into the main container (the container used by the engines).

I am only suggesting this as a separate idea since I was think this could be used as a way of transferring fuel to other ships in addition to the above when they get close enough to use it or possibly connect with a special connecter to the Ship Refuel Module/Transfer Module. This would save time moving fuel from one ship to another and allow for more specialised ship designs (in this case a fuel ship for fighters etc.).

You could also allow quotas to be set to prevent people taking too much fuel in one go, depending on status or some other arbitrary value or state.

I also suppose you could add a way to hack these modules for PVP too.

Under consideration Suggested by: ADCOne Upvoted: 19 Dec, '21

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