DU-styled Exoskeletal Power Armors/Mobile Suits

Perhaps as an expansion idea down the road when PvP has been stabilized for the most part and more core features are in place, but players being able to equip or mount exoskeletal power armors or mobile suits.

Power Armors could be a type of cockpit, elements, and whatever voxel design or avatar that increases survivability but is somewhat slower than a player without one and with similar Avatar skills. The differences could be closed further with a new skill tree. There can be some level of customization to the exoskeletal suit itself, such as colorable skin, weapon loadout, and part upgrades to a relative degree, etc. The weapon power output could start at a patrol craft (xs) and through part upgrades and a skill tree top out at a corvette's (m).

Civilian use, if well received, could increase mobile speed similar to non-armor speeds and ore yield by a small percentage as a couple of examples.

These ideas could further diversify PvP ship designs, from small transports to carriers.

Under consideration Suggested by: Felenor Upvoted: 17 Mar, '21

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