Core-Independent Elements

Have a collection of elements that can be placed without the need of a core unite, only rights to territory.
Suggested elements:

- Torches, street lights, camp lights
- Camping tents, sleeping bag, bon fire, small outposts (for civilian camps or military observation, forward bases)
- Pavements, street blocks, parking blocks, small bridges, runway elements and lights.
- sandbags, protective short walls.

All elements right now must be placed on cores, especially static cores. This makes it impossible to link future cities with roads without having to build a lot of the limited number of cores, having the above elements can enhance territory exploration, create camping sights, and once Avatar to Avatar PvP and territory warfare is implemented can also server for forward observation posts.

Under consideration Suggested by: EdmundBlack Upvoted: 09 Aug, '21

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