Allow an account to be frozen for IRL absences

Mainly for the IRL military who get orders to go to sea for 6 months at a time, or related absences, but can be useful for anyone who have an IRL reason to be out of reach.

Basically, allow the accounts to be pulled from the server and 'frozen' so nothing is lost until they get back.

The request to freeze an account should be accompanied by a distinct timespan so accounts can't just be left frozen indefinitely.

Also include email warnings to the owner when the account is about to be thawed out.

Personal experience, coming back from WESTPAC only to find I've lost my account on various games because of that absence. I'm sure other sailors/soldiers/marines/airmen here will have similar stories.

I'm sorry, "You didn't respond so your stuff was fair game" make for a very poor welcome home.

Under consideration Suggested by: John Walker II, USN (vet) Upvoted: 09 Jun, '21

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