Character Interaction: Mailbox

Please add a new item, the "Mailbox". bases, flyers and spaceships can have such a mailbox attached to their hull.

A mailbox allows other players, allied or not, to drop messages into it. In my particular case (that is how I got this idea), there is a neighboring player close to my own claimed land, and I purchased things from him in the past. I need to purchase again from him, but cannot contact him as he is in a different time zone. With the ability to drop a message for him in his base mailbox or parked flyers, I could let him know that I need to purchase more things from him.

To avoid spam or hate mails, a mailbox message could just consist of different tickable boxes where each box indicates what it is about, and an option to message back the sender. Coordinates need to be a part of the message, though, so have a text field that just accepts numbers (0-9) and signs, (- . +).

Also, when being on the base or ship of another player, that base or ship should indicate if t

Under consideration Suggested by: Hirnsausen Upvoted: 12 Mar, '21