Laboratory. Technology. Technology drawings.

New building - Laboratory. You can study technology in it. All buildings except the Laboratory, Unit Territory and Workbench are initially locked. You need to research technologies to unlock the use of a building and an item. The "technology tree" in the Laboratory window is used, as well as sections. The Lab, like the Workbench, requires manual labor, but can be automated by placing a robotic arm. Learning a technology requires resources, it can be currency, some materials, or other learned technologies. Learned technology can be saved as a blueprint and sold on the market. There is a variant of the laboratory MK1, MK2, MK3. Vary in research speed. The "Scientist" skills will allow you to speed up various types of research, as well as open access to the simultaneous use of 2 or even 4 laboratories! Some basic technologies will end up in the inventory of new and old players for free to explore. In the future - archeology and the study of alien technologies.

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