Chance of Part Loss when Destroyed

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As it stands there is no reason to ever have to make new ship parts once you have all the parts you need; meaning we have faucets but no sinks. Which eliminates the need for any market system once you have the ships built.

(Disclaimer, eve bittervet): Follow a system where there is an increasing chance of part destruction every time that part is broken to zero health. This will force people to build new parts after they have crashed "n" number of times, or use the markets if they are away from their base and need emergency parts.
If you destroy the core of the ship, all parts take "break-chance" and there is a flat percent chance of each part breaking (mostly for PVP reasons, should not give back 100% of parts by repairing).

This means you don't have a 100% return in PVP, and industry and economy remain relevant as people lose parts in inconvenient places.

Would also be nice if they offered a repair tool option that simply replaces a "perm-broke" part from your inventory.

Under consideration Suggested by: Sparky Upvoted: 10 Apr

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