Crafted upgrades

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Add upgrades or tools that can be crafted to give various benefits while using them. Time gating everything makes progression feel extremely slow, which could be significantly improved by adding more player made tools. Such tools do not have to be a straight buff, and could for example be things like a mining tool that mines square areas, a flatten tool that works with the Middle mouse button, a scanner that displays the amount of ore in the deposit it is pinging, a relay tool that temporarily extends your linked container range while held and uses up charges of some sort, a floatation device that makes you float in water when active, a repair tool that consumes double the scrap but repairs at 3 times the speed, a harvest tool that can gather wood or its constituent elements from trees, etc etc etc. the possibilities are incredibly extensive and it could really help fill the progression gaps when you are waiting for a 10 day research to get that next upgrade you need.

Under consideration Suggested by: Refresh4 Upvoted: 13 Apr

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