Allow snapping of new cores to existing grids for easier alignment

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Right now, if you already have a core set up and want to place a new core down to extend your build area, you have to try and manually align the cores/grids somehow. On planet surfaces, that is next to impossible, due to the curvature of the polar coordinate system of planets. This will always cause at least *some* form of misalignment between your two grids, causing ugly voxel overlaps or edges. You can already snap a new core to an existing grid. However, the core turns red (non placable) if you do this. Even if you move it out of the old grid, using the arrow keys.

Please let us place new cores *after* they have already snapped to an existing grid, so long as the old and new grids don't overlap, so we can perfectly align them!

Under consideration Suggested by: Laviic Upvoted: 09 Jun

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