Freeform ingame internal organization structure

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I am hopeful to, at a future date, create a Democratic organization in DU, but presently the current system of just "Legates" and "Superlegates" is extremely limiting. There should be a way to create within the actual bounds of DU an official parliament or legislative structure, and a way to devolve the power to bring in new citizens to some official immigration management body. At the present if I am successful in creating a Democratic organization, I'd still need to hold the title of Superlegate by myself, and maybe grant Legate titles to close friends I trust and would have to operate through the honour system, promising to only do what the elected representatives tell me to do.
The fact that this structure, the structure of The Empire's Bureaucracy doesn't actually exist within the bounds of DU and only in the words and minds of the Imperial leadership is, in my opinion, a problem.

Under consideration Suggested by: Vilhelm Vestergaard Upvoted: 17 Apr

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