New Resource Generation: Science scanning gameplay

An additional form of collection gameplay, scientific interest points could be generated for players to find and scan. They could take many forms, depending how many we want and which ones fit the DU universe. Biological, archaeological, interesting mineral formations, the possible list is long. They could spawn/respawn underground in unclaimed tiles, or they could be in space and give players a reason to enter non-warp space gameplay. Hunting nodes should have a gameplay and be the focus, so it doesn't copy mining.

The "resources" generated from this activity could be an additional component to tiered recipe products, could result in "inspiring" limited run blueprints for tiered items, or could be used to give ships/avatar performance boosts (example: short term pvp reload boosts, etc). There's no reason why they couldn't be used in all of the above. There is also the opportunity to introduce science related talents and elements to process the results as well.

Under consideration Suggested by: Boartato Upvoted: 01 Nov, '21

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