Heavy earth-like planets are supposed to be the jewels in the crown of your empire, but now people hate being on them. Introduce a soft-survival requirement that would nerf skills if you don't have food, water and oxygen either as product stored in your nanoformer or in a life support element on a ship your are aboard. You automatically get oxygen and water on earth-like planets.

Grow different sorts of food product on an Agricultural Core using farming voxels (seeds) that represent fields and collect it with your harvesting tool when they mature. In a vacuum setting, oxygen comes from refining ore, and water from combining oxygen and hydrogen. Hydroponic Farm elements on ships or static constructs consume water, oxygen, and farming voxels, but are much less efficient than agricultural cores.

Certain food and drink products processed in a Food Industry provide limited duration buffs to a set of skills. Combine with buffs from Hospitality elements found in bars and restaurants.

Under consideration Suggested by: Dinkledash Upvoted: 19 May

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